Roses what they mean


- A single rose of any color in full bloom means "I love you." Two roses put together to form a single stem means an engagement. Stem leaves are a symbol of hope.

Rose, red
- love, true love, passion, desire

What will your valentine get you this year?

Daily flower care


check your flowers daily

Keep the vase, container or liner filled with fresh water. Even if the container has floral foam, you should keep the water level high to promote long lasting flowers. The container’s water has a fresh flower food added to it. If you completely change the water, you should also thoroughly clean the container. Add fresh water mixed with a commercial fresh flower food. These flower foods may be supplied by the florist who delivered your order and they contain the correct ingredients to properly nourish the flowers, keep bacteria at bay (which can block the stems and prevent them from absorbing water), encourage buds to open, and lengthen the life of the bouquet. It’s one of the best—and easiest—ways to extend the life of your flowers, but be sure to follow the directions on the package correctly. Improperly mixed flower food can actually do more harm than good.



Well it is just around the corner and at Blooming Creations we are busy getting ready, ordering flowers, preparing little free gifts and so much more.

Fresh New Year


Well here's to a fresh new year and many wonderful things to come our way. 
Here's to all our christmas decorations being down and stored safe, to the kids back in school and all of us onto our resolutions being filled.   Lots of love for a blessed new year to all . . . . . Love Diane

Last minute shopping


With the Holiday upon us, most of us are hurrying around trying to do that last minute shopping, stop by Blooming Creations and find just what your looking for.